Sparsile, a "lost" word of the English language, means a star not belonging to any constellation, or an undiscovered star. As a dance company we strive to create dancers from non dancers, and those who left dance in their childhood, and from young students who would otherwise not be given the opportunity to participate in the arts. We have a desire to create new performance art in an effort to create a new platform for artistic expression in Dover.

What does Sparsile Mean?

As a dance company Sparsile creates new performance art, but we also do so much more. We are a platform for collaboration, a company devoted to the community, and bridging the divide between the artistic community and the community at large. Our events include unique new artistic works, free performances, fairs, and community master classes. Each member of Sparsile Dance Company also donates their time and talents to ensure low cost dance classes are available in our sister studio Unbranded Dance.

What does Sparsile do?